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Easy Craft Ideas – Free Woodworking Plans Tips

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

Free Woodworking Plans Tips
by Greg F Williams

Free woodworking plans can give a idea about how to plan a specific woodworking product. They also give selective information about the material that has to be used in making a certain product.

There are a wide range of free woodworking plans that are readily available on the internet. Once you get your free woodworking plans, you will gain valuable information from them that you can use for your home improvement purposes. On some web sites you will discover that amateur woodworkers share their experiences, tips and ideas that will make for a great woodworking experience. Some free woodworking plans that are the most everyday used are bookcase plans, bed plans, shed plans, workbench plans and entertainment centre plans.

Cherry Bookshelf plans: It consists of 13 pieces that are screwed and dadoed together. The shaping and joinery is done with the help of a drill press and a table saw. The bookshelf has slats and pyramid top posts. Cherry wood is used as it is lighter. You can use other types of wood such as quatersawn white oak. For building this bookcase you require screws, screw hole plugs, slates and shelves. The dimensions of these items will differ according to your requirements.

Break Down Chair Plans: This high backed chair and has no wedges or pegs. You can easily make 2 chairs out of 4’x8′ sheet of good quality plywood. It is very easy to make these chairs.

Antiqued Table plan. Clear pine is used to make this antique looking beauty. The tools that you will need to make this table are trim saw or handsaw, bits and drill, spray bottles, wet rag and belt or orbital sander. Materials that are required to produce this table include legs, apron, fastening strips and table top. You will also require screws and washers and carpenter’s glue and you should as well use at least 8 hanger bolts. This will depend on the size of table you want, you should select the dimensions first, the consider what you will want.

Circular Kitchen Table Plan: Solid black walnut wood is used to produce this kitchen table. The tabletop which has a radius of 2 feet is a perfect circle. The round top is set on a pedestal base which is made using laminated bridle joints. The warmth of this wood heightens as tung oil and polyurethane are used for protecting the finish. The contemporary design of this antique table is a great deal more attractive than formal dining style. Jointer, jigsaw, hand router and some other tools are required to produce this piece.

Mahogany bed plan: This ideal master piece is ideal for any bedroom dcor. The bed is made from solid mahogany. The bed with its contemporary style has convenient rail hangers A series of slats are required for supporting the bed. A box spring is not needed once you use these slats. Depending on the thickness and length of the mattresses the dimensions of the bed will vary. The dimensions should be such that it should be able to handle a queen size mattresses. The bed is designed in such a way that you can disassemble it easily.

Jewelry Box plans: This elegant case has a simple design. If there are some beautiful small wooden boards in your house, then you can produce this box on your own. It will not take you long to make this attractive box. This can indeed be a ideal last minute gift for a friend.

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Easy Craft Ideas – Home Made Christmas Decorations

Friday, December 19th, 2008

One of the first things that family members and friends see as they arrive for that special holiday get together is the outside of the home. While most people decorate with outdoor Christmas lights and other items they sometimes forget about the Christmas time plants that can be used to create a perfect look. Window boxes, sometimes referred to as planters can be purchased from most discount retailers or local hardware stores. There are also several online stores that sell them or will custom make these planters to fit a specific window or area of need. Since home windows come in various shapes and sizes, it is important to pick out the correct planter. Otherwise the fit may not look good, therefore taking away from the other Christmas decorations.
The window should be measured for the exact width before a planter box is ordered or purchased. It is also important to ensure that the hardware of the planter will work with the specific window that it is intended for. After picking out the style of the box and making sure that it will work with a window it is then time to decide on the specifics of the color, design and any theme that it may have. Many of the planter boxes come in a neutral color, without decorations or a theme. This may be the most cost effective route if the homeowner plans to use the planter box throughout the year and not only at Christmas time.

The type of plants that can be placed in the planter box varies from the geographical location and also personal preference. Of course because it is Christmas time many people like to stay with reds and greens for that Christmas spirit. Greenery that is hearty with cold weather is always a good choice and the colorful plants such as Christmas berries can be added to give that festive color. Some people like to use other items such as pine Cones and decorations to dress up plants and the box itself. Because these boxes are made of wood they can be painted, stenciled or customized to be an appropriate theme and suit the likes of the homeowner.
Artificial plants can also be used in the planter box if the weather does not permit for live plants. If choosing artificial greenery or other plant types it is important to purchase floral foam, wire and tape to ensure that the plant stays in the appropriate position!

For more Home Made Christmas Decorations, why not have a look at this site? loads of other ideas of things for you to make for Christmas

Easy Craft Ideas – Christmas Is Coming

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

With Christmas only a few days away,  I would guess that most folks have bought their presents, decorated their homes and have the Christmas trees up.

If you are still looking for ideas of things that either you or the kids can make for Christmas, why not check out some of the ebooks that are HERE?  Some great ideas for activities, parties, gift boxes and more.

After Christmas is over, particularly with the current economic state of the world, there has never been a better time to recycle.

Most folks will have amassed a lot of wrapping paper and Christmas cards.  Don’t just throw them away or burn them.  Re-use.

Cards can be re-cycled by cutting the pictures off the front and sticking them on homemade cards for next year.

A lot of wrapping paper can either be re-cycled for next year, or can be cut up for creating a collage.  Kids love creating things and re-using items which would normally be thrown away will help them to consider the environment.   Currently, we do live in a throw away society, but with resources being depleted and cash being short for many folks, re-cycling is going to be even more important.

Have a great Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.