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Easy Craft Ideas – Christmas Themes For Home Decor

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

While Christmas décor may sound like a crazy statement, there are many different themes to choose from. So many individuals want to express their own style and have grown tired of the same ole theme every year. These themes can vary and be customized to fit the beliefs or décor tastes of the individual. Keeping that in mind, here are a few ideas and different themes for those looking for something a little different as well as unique. Feel free to choose several of the ideas or draw an even more unique one based on the ones below.
Just about anything can be used for a holiday or festive theme, but most people are drawn to one or the other. Snow Angels are one of the most unique and elegant themes that can be used for Christmas time. In many homes that choose a religious theme it is not unusual to find displays of angels and other symbolic decorations around the home. Nativity sets are very popular as well. They proudly display their religious convictions and create great decorations in the process. These snow angels can be used as display decorations, garland as well as ornaments on the Christmas tree. Angels can be traced and cut out from fabric or paper and placed around the home to add a decorated theme as well. They can also be displayed in decorator colors can help pick up the color scheme from any home.
Snowflakes make great ways to send that holiday cheer around the home as well. Snowflakes can be glass ornaments, cut outs or even wooden cut outs. They can then be painted to that perfect color and displayed in a number of settings around the home. The use of snowflakes is a very neutral decoration and can be used in the home, office or other commercially driven areas.

Other themes such as penguins, snowmen, ice skating and Santa’s are also very neutral and popular Christmas themes. These are very common themes, but if an individual is looking for something a bit different, they can change the colors, add, subtract or put their own personal touch on the decorations.
The color scheme used for Christmas decorating can also make a huge difference. Regardless of the theme or specific decorations used color can really set them apart. The same decorations in different colors can look completely different, therefore allowing the decorator to have a unique and personalized look!

Easy Craft Ideas – Christmas Candy Canes

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Candy canes are an absolute must at Christmas time, but most people use them only as decorations for the tree and a sweet tooth. They never even realize what can be done and made or how candy canes can dress up any home for the holiday. Not only do they make colorful decorations, they also make wonderful snacks for children coming in and out of the house. Whether it be grandchildren or children of social get togethers’, it is a wonderful idea and a very cost effective way to have a beautifully decorated Christmas Homes.

This article will focus on candy cane projects and ways that they can be used for home décor.
How about a candy cane pillar? One of the neatest and cutest ideas takes less than five minutes and looks like a million dollars. By purchasing a box of candy canes from the discount store or dollar store for that matter and a color candle you can have a beautiful and decorative piece for any sitting arrangement. Making this decoration is very easy because it only means breaking the hook off of the candy cane to create a straight piece. After that is completed use hot glue or other craft type glue to adhere the candy canes sticks around the entire candle. Once that is completed allow it to dry and it can then be placed in a glass dish, jar or other decorative piece. The use of bells, garland and other items can certainly add to this piece making it a holiday favorite.
Candy canes have also been used for years as Christmas tree decorations, but what about a string of candy canes to drape across all the door frames of the home? This is easy, cheap and really adds a feeling of festivity to the entire home. Because most people cannot afford to lavishly decorate every room of the home, these little ideas can really help out, even something as simple as a candy cane can make a huge difference. It gives the impression that hundreds was spent on decorating the home, yet it was only a couple of bucks. After all decorating for the holidays should never take away from the budget spent on loved ones, but by using simple little ideas, you can have the best of both worlds.

A beautifully decorated home and still leave the Christmas gift budget untouched. A little work, a lot of creativity and anyone can decorate for Christmas!

Easy Craft Ideas – A Homemade Christmas Kissing Ball

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Mistletoe carries a great history and has been used for decades to decorate homes for the holiday. There are many stories behind this kissing symbol and is not only a great way to strike up a conversation, but also decorate the home in general. These decorations are easy to make, affordable and are very pretty. Purchasing the material and taking a little extra time can yield a mistletoe ball in less than an hour! Keep your guests on their toes with never knowing which door or frame that they will be caught under! Get your lips puckered, because these mistletoe balls are easy to make and many will be using them to decorate for the holiday.
A mistletoe ball is not much different to make than a one sided wreath. These balls are not one sided, but the crafter can craft the ball similar to the wreath, only having another side. These kissing balls are also typically smaller than the average sized wreath; however the size can vary depending on the home, size of the door frame and desires of the homeowner. The materials and greenery can be purchase online or at a craft store. Putting the craft together is easy with the help of floral wire. The individual pieces can be arranged and then fastened together with the wire. This also allows the crafter to attach other decorations such as pine cones, cut outs, berries or ribbons with ease. The mistletoe ball can be dressed up greatly with the help of ribbons, cut outs, bows and other Christmas themed products. By leaving the ribbons a little longer they can hang down from the door frame making a perfect entrance piece. This makes a perfect decoration and also a very great themed project.
Hanging the mistletoe ball from doorframes makes a lovely decoration and can also create a conversation piece amongst guests. During a holiday get together or party it is even possible to play a history game or trivia about mistletoe in general. This information can be learned through the help of the internet and then can be used to have a game during the get together. This makes a great way to provide a great party piece and decoration as well.

Taking the time to make a few mistletoe balls is easy and also provides a decoration for every room. Since they are not costly or hard to make, it is a great way to get every room covered for Christmas.

Easy Craft Ideas – Pine Cones For Christmas Decorations

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

If it’s natural and free than it’s a great way to decorate for Christmas or other festivities. Pine Cones can be found in a number of geographical areas and if not most crafts stores or other discount retailers sell them for a fraction of other decorations. There are many things that can be done with pine Cones that take only a few hours and can make a huge difference in how the home looks for the holiday. This is especially important if the decorator is on a budget or if they are simply looking for a way to spruce up before company arrives. Pine Cones also make a great project that is kid friendly and can get them involved in the decorating process, allowing for family time and also giving everyone something productive to do.
Now there are many ways and different projects that can be completed using pine Cones. They can be left natural and used for centerpieces, garland or other decorations. One of the favorites is to take and cover them in wax. When this project is complete they are beautifully decorated, can match any home décor and also provide a wonderful fragrance for the home in general. This is easy to do and very cheap. In order to get a waxed pine cone, the decorator must ensure that they have allowed the pine cone to dry completely before beginning the project. Using some type of heat source the chosen wax should be melted. One good way to do this is to take in all old Fry Daddy or other grease Cooker, make sure that it is cleaned thoroughly and melt the wax in it. If children are helping with this process the adult needs to ensure that they are the ones dipping the pine Cones in the wax, for safety reasons. Using some type of craft tool to pick up the pine cone once it is dipped is also a good idea to avoid burnt fingers.
Another wonderful project with pine Cones is to take and paint them with your favorite Christmas colors. Reds and greens, blues and silvers all make wonderful and festive colors for the Cones. Simply paint them and then before they dry sprinkle glitter or sugar to give them that frosted or coated look. They turn out beautiful and can make a wonderful centerpiece for any table, whether it is the coffee table or dining table. If a snow look is desired use white paint and use blue paint at the very end, for that frosty day look.

Easy Craft Ideas – Christmas Wreaths Aren’t Just For The Front Door

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

When most people think of Christmas wreaths they think of the front door. These wreaths can be made custom to fit any room of the home or any area that needs that extra little decoration. Whether the individual makes them their selves or purchases them there are tons to choose from and many ideas to make that holiday wreath the perfect one.

Starting out with the circle of greenery anyone can turn it into a profession looking wreath in a short amount of time. Having the correct tools and supplies is the key to making that great looking decoration. This article will share the secret little details of making a perfect Christmas wreath for any home.
There are many different types and styles of wreaths to choose from, and this is the first step of the project. The average wreath size is between 20 inches and 36 inches, but there are others that are larger if the individual so chooses. The type also varies greatly between Norway pine, princess pine too many others. This is a personal choice and is really something that the individual should evaluate for any specific project. Most of the styles are very easy to work with and it is not a huge factor in the outcome of the wreath. After the actual wreath is purchased it is then time to move on to the decoration such as cut outs, ornaments, ribbons and all the other goodies that go into making that Christmas wreath.
Items such as green and red ice berries are very popular ways to garnish a Christmas wreath. They add color and also give a bit of depth, plus they simply look like Christmas time. Pine Cones are also a very popular and can either be added in their natural beauty or can be painted, frosted or waxed before adding them to the wreath. Another great way to dress up a Christmas wreath is to add lights. This gives a wreath that ambient look and creates a warm and festive feeling. Some wreaths come with lights already added, making it much easier than having to add all of the lights individually. If not careful adding Christmas lights to wreath can become a tangled mess, making it much easier if the wreath is prelit.
Ribbon and bows are another crucial part of any Christmas wreath. The color and style of ribbon can create a customized piece that not only speaks Christmas, but also the theme of the home. Bows should always be added to the wreath to put that extra little touch and finish them off.

Easy Craft Ideas – Christmas Decorations On A Budget

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

The weather outside is frightful, but the décor inside is delightful! Christmas is the best time of year to show a homeowners true style and expression through their bold decorating Christmas theme. There are definitely no rights or wrongs when it comes to decorating for the holidays, however many find themselves spending a fortune before it is all over. It doesn’t have to be this way though and in fact there are some beautiful ways to decorate a home on a budget, leaving a lasting impression on all who see it. Have the neighbors and socialite list believing that a professional decorator staged the home, by following a few simple as well as affordable tips.
One of the most costly mistakes that many home decorators make where budget is concerned is that they purchase too many centerpieces and other decorations. Many of these pieces can be made by hand and even from recycled materials or affordable craft store items. If a person is crafty at all they can look online for ideas or visit their local hobby and craft store to get some great ideas. Most of the time these expensive pieces found in local retail stores can be pieced together for a fourth of the cost that they are charging. Plus there is something special about making a centerpiece or decoration from scratch. Certain amount of bragging rights in a do it yourself holiday décor project!
Making the most of colors can open the door to a festive and well decorated home. Everyone knows that reds and greens are Christmas colors so getting creative with color can really pick up the slack of not having a large budget. From adding colored tulle on the staircases to changing the dinner placemats to a festive theme can make a true difference. Ribbons are another way to add a splash of color and also give some height or fullness to existing plant stands, centerpieces or other home accessories. Ribbon is inexpensive and anyone can learn to create some very unique bows and other nice looking additions to any piece. Color can also be changed through the use of garland and other Christmas colored plants can also add a touch of class to any home. Poinsettias and other greenery can be added to mantles, tables, doorframes, cabinet tops or just about anywhere else throughout the home.
Remember, Christmas only comes once a year so get to decorating, but just watch those nickels and dimes. Decorating on a budget can actually be a lot of fun and very educational as well!

Easy Craft Ideas – A Christmas Centrepiece

Friday, December 4th, 2009

It doesn’t matter whether their fresh flowers or artificial ones a beautifully arranged Christmas centerpiece can truly brighten a home. There is something magical about a centerpiece that gives the air of the Christmas spirit and true reason for the season. Giving is what the holidays are all about and with a classic centerpiece it reminds all who see it of times past, present blessings and a wonderful future that a new year brings. Centerpieces come in all sizes, shapes, colors and arrangements. There’s truly something for everyone whether the decorator is purchasing one or are trying their hand at making their own.
With a little bit of reading up and practice just about anyone can make their own Christmas centerpiece. All it takes is a little bit of time and the right materials as well as a touch of creativity; even children can be added to the crafting of holiday centerpieces. Crafting together can remind everyone of why Christmas is so special, it is family time spent together that makes it special. Everything from choosing the container to what type of flowers and greenery can be a family decision, making it all the more special. The arrangement doesn’t have to be perfect, nor does it have to be uniform, it’s simply just has to fit the style and unique personality of those putting it together.
Poinsettias are one of the favorites at Christmas time and can be purchased at any florist, retail store and even online. These plants speak Christmas because of their beautiful and rich color as well as that magical touch that they have for any room. Many have found that they can use the leaves and stems to garnish other arrangements as well. This gives the color and feel of the poinsettia, but creates a unique and customized centerpiece for any room. Other touches such as small cut outs, bells, ribbons or other finishing touches can be added to make the piece that perfectly designed centerpiece.
Incorporating candles into floral centerpieces or simple green ones can help provide a great decoration as well. Candles can give height to the centerpiece and also established the color that the individual is attempting to carry for their holiday theme. Candles are also affordable and make great ways to finish off the centerpiece. Whether they be stick candles, round, square or other decorative ones they are a good way to put the finishing touches on any Christmas centerpiece.

Making your own centerpiece leaves the pocketbook intact and also provides a true feeling of accomplishment.

Easy Craft Ideas – Christmas Candles

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

It doesn’t matter who’s home are what their style is, candles are always a great way to decorate and set the mood for any holiday party. Any room can be dressed for the occasion with a simplistic candle all the way to a beautifully crafted candle. There are hundreds of styles, colors and themes that can be chosen to dress up any home. Regardless of the colors or holiday theme, candles give that ambience from the past and great hope for the future. They smell wonderful, look wonderful and are just great ways to decorate and provide cost effective pieces for any budget.
Now there are many differences with candles and those decorating can choose to follow a specific pattern or have different themes throughout the home. There are those “cutsie” candles that can set a fun and relaxed mood, which also make great decorations for children friendly areas. There are snow men, reindeer, Santa Claus himself and just about anything else that can be imagined and or relevant to Christmas itself. With the different colors, smells and manners of decorating there are thousands of ways to create a unique and lasting statement. Whether it be a bold one or a simple sleek one, you can never go wrong with candles. There is a statement of the past, the present and the future through the decoration of candles, regardless of which style or candle is chosen.
Those that are crafty and are looking for a new hobby, oftentimes finds themselves looking for ways to decorate without spending a fortune. There are many tools and an abundance of information on making your own candles. Not only can the design be chosen, but also the fragrance and color at a fraction of the price. Candles are not difficult to make and most people take a weekend and try their hand at it this do-it-yourself project. Now there are those individuals that had rather purchase than make, and that’s alright.

Not everyone is crafty or has the time to try and make their own holiday candles. That is the reason that there are hundreds of retailers and online stores catering to those that wish to decorate with candles. In fact, some of the most beautiful centerpieces can be purchased from retail stores. Many of these are already decorated on decorative plates, with garland or other greenery making them absolutely perfect for that Christmas touch.