Easy Craft Ideas – Christmas Is Coming

With Christmas only a few days away,  I would guess that most folks have bought their presents, decorated their homes and have the Christmas trees up.

If you are still looking for ideas of things that either you or the kids can make for Christmas, why not check out some of the ebooks that are HERE?  Some great ideas for activities, parties, gift boxes and more.

After Christmas is over, particularly with the current economic state of the world, there has never been a better time to recycle.

Most folks will have amassed a lot of wrapping paper and Christmas cards.  Don’t just throw them away or burn them.  Re-use.

Cards can be re-cycled by cutting the pictures off the front and sticking them on homemade cards for next year.

A lot of wrapping paper can either be re-cycled for next year, or can be cut up for creating a collage.  Kids love creating things and re-using items which would normally be thrown away will help them to consider the environment.   Currently, we do live in a throw away society, but with resources being depleted and cash being short for many folks, re-cycling is going to be even more important.

Have a great Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

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