Easy Craft Ideas – A Homemade Christmas Kissing Ball

Mistletoe carries a great history and has been used for decades to decorate homes for the holiday. There are many stories behind this kissing symbol and is not only a great way to strike up a conversation, but also decorate the home in general. These decorations are easy to make, affordable and are very pretty. Purchasing the material and taking a little extra time can yield a mistletoe ball in less than an hour! Keep your guests on their toes with never knowing which door or frame that they will be caught under! Get your lips puckered, because these mistletoe balls are easy to make and many will be using them to decorate for the holiday.
A mistletoe ball is not much different to make than a one sided wreath. These balls are not one sided, but the crafter can craft the ball similar to the wreath, only having another side. These kissing balls are also typically smaller than the average sized wreath; however the size can vary depending on the home, size of the door frame and desires of the homeowner. The materials and greenery can be purchase online or at a craft store. Putting the craft together is easy with the help of floral wire. The individual pieces can be arranged and then fastened together with the wire. This also allows the crafter to attach other decorations such as pine cones, cut outs, berries or ribbons with ease. The mistletoe ball can be dressed up greatly with the help of ribbons, cut outs, bows and other Christmas themed products. By leaving the ribbons a little longer they can hang down from the door frame making a perfect entrance piece. This makes a perfect decoration and also a very great themed project.
Hanging the mistletoe ball from doorframes makes a lovely decoration and can also create a conversation piece amongst guests. During a holiday get together or party it is even possible to play a history game or trivia about mistletoe in general. This information can be learned through the help of the internet and then can be used to have a game during the get together. This makes a great way to provide a great party piece and decoration as well.

Taking the time to make a few mistletoe balls is easy and also provides a decoration for every room. Since they are not costly or hard to make, it is a great way to get every room covered for Christmas.

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