Easy Craft Ideas – Christmas Wreaths Aren’t Just For The Front Door

When most people think of Christmas wreaths they think of the front door. These wreaths can be made custom to fit any room of the home or any area that needs that extra little decoration. Whether the individual makes them their selves or purchases them there are tons to choose from and many ideas to make that holiday wreath the perfect one.

Starting out with the circle of greenery anyone can turn it into a profession looking wreath in a short amount of time. Having the correct tools and supplies is the key to making that great looking decoration. This article will share the secret little details of making a perfect Christmas wreath for any home.
There are many different types and styles of wreaths to choose from, and this is the first step of the project. The average wreath size is between 20 inches and 36 inches, but there are others that are larger if the individual so chooses. The type also varies greatly between Norway pine, princess pine too many others. This is a personal choice and is really something that the individual should evaluate for any specific project. Most of the styles are very easy to work with and it is not a huge factor in the outcome of the wreath. After the actual wreath is purchased it is then time to move on to the decoration such as cut outs, ornaments, ribbons and all the other goodies that go into making that Christmas wreath.
Items such as green and red ice berries are very popular ways to garnish a Christmas wreath. They add color and also give a bit of depth, plus they simply look like Christmas time. Pine Cones are also a very popular and can either be added in their natural beauty or can be painted, frosted or waxed before adding them to the wreath. Another great way to dress up a Christmas wreath is to add lights. This gives a wreath that ambient look and creates a warm and festive feeling. Some wreaths come with lights already added, making it much easier than having to add all of the lights individually. If not careful adding Christmas lights to wreath can become a tangled mess, making it much easier if the wreath is prelit.
Ribbon and bows are another crucial part of any Christmas wreath. The color and style of ribbon can create a customized piece that not only speaks Christmas, but also the theme of the home. Bows should always be added to the wreath to put that extra little touch and finish them off.

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