Easy Craft Ideas – Craft is for all ages

No matter how young or old you are, what your gender is, there is a craft for you. There is such a wide range of easy craft ideas which you can choose from. Obviously a lot will depend on how much you want to spend, but there are a lot of crafts which will cost you very little.

The following quote is from Sandra Hedditch:

“Craft is good for elderly people as it keeps the mind active and passes time, it is great for mentally disabled people as it helps with learning, socializing and coordination.

Craft is also a fantastic teacher to children it helps with math, English, coordination, they learn how to use tools such as scissors, paint brushes, pencils and of course glue. Making collages also teaches about different textures and painting teaches colors and what primary colors make when mixed together, plus they find out how nice it is to share with others.”

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Many crafts from the past are now making a comeback and a lot of these were traditionally made by people who didn’t have a great deal of spare money to spend. Before recycling became fashionable people were recycling old clothes, bottles, pieces of metal and more. A great example of this is rag rugs. The only items you need to buy is a rug hook. The other materials you need are old clothes cut into strips and the rug backing which could be an old coffee sack or something similar. Other than that, all it will cost you is your time.

The next post will give some examples of rag rugs. If you really can’t wait, then click here and browse the great selection of books available on rag rugging.

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