Easy Craft Ideas – Crochet is Back in Fashion

Crochet Made Easy

If you are looking for easy craft ideas, then crochet must come near the top of your list. The great thing about crochet is it need not be expensive. All you need are the crochet hooks, the yarn and a pattern and you can get started. Most people will start with a small item such as a mat to stand a vase on, but if you feel really ambitious, there is no limit to what you can make. A christening gown makes a wonderful present to someone who has just had a baby.

The following is a quote from Ruth Talbot of crochet-made-easy.com:

“Crochet has finally come into fashion. Go shopping and it will not be long before you find crocheted bags, shoes, clothes and coats and don’t be too surprised to stumble across crocheted swimsuits or flip flops.

Crochet has not been this popular for a very long time. But when we use the word crochet, what do we actually mean? The Encarta English Dictionary states that crochet is: ‘a form of needlework used to make clothes or decorative items from wool or thread, by looping it through itself with a special hooked needle crochet hook.’ However this description only briefly scratches the surface.”
There is an excellent book by Wenny Puspadewi, Crochet Made Easy easy which I would highly recommend, particularly if you are just starting this easy craft idea. For crochet supplies, Ebay is well worth a look.

Once you take up crochet, you will be hooked!! (Pun intended) You will never run out of things to make as once people see your work they will be asking you to make things for them.

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