Easy Craft Ideas – Dried Flowers to Brighten Your Winter

One of my favorite easy craft ideas is dried flowers. In the depths of winter when the sun is barely visible, the weather is cold and the rain keeps raining we all need something to cheer us up. What better way than a beautiful arrangement of dried flowers? They bring the summer sunshine into your home and help to dispel the winter blues.

Dried Flowers 2


OK, so this is not just an easy craft idea, it does require some ground in which to grow them and a some simple gardening skills. It isn’t difficult to grow dried flowers, if it was I wouldn’t be doing it. The two varieties we grow are Helichrysum (Strawflower) and statice (Sea Lavender). Helichrysum are flamboyant and vivid and statice tend to be a bit more restrained with subtle colours.


How do you grow them?

I start the seeds off around March in seed trays in a good quality compost in our greenhouse, but any light warm environment will do. Don’t put them in direct sunlight though as they will not do as well. When the seedling are about 10mm to 15mm high, with two leaves on them, prick them out and plant in individual containers. Rather than buy pots, you can use old yoghurt pots with a couple of holes in the bottom for drainage. Make sure you have thoroughly washed the pots. Keep the compost damp, but don’t over water them. Prepare a bed in the garden and make sure the soil is free of weeds and you have a fine tilth. The seedlings can be planted out when all chances of frost have gone at about 15cm to 20cm apart. They can be planted directly in their flowering positions later in the year, but I have found the method I now use more reliable. This is a very basic how to grow guide. There will be more information on the seed packets on exact times to plant etc.

The seeds can be bought from most good garden centres and a lot of the chain stores or supermarkets that have a gardening section.

How do you dry them?

When they are in full flower, they can be cut with either a pair of strong scissors or secateurs. Remove most of the lower leaves and tie them in bunches and hang them upside down in a warm dry place. After about a week, they will be ready to use in your arrangements.

Arrangement suggestions?

I think they look great in old fashioned vases, or old baskets. It is really up to you. You can often pick up baskets which have a well used look from junk stores at very reasonable prices.

What else can be dried?

Here is a list of just a few. Dried grasses also look nice when mixed with the brighter flowers.

Money Plant
Ping Pong Flower
Bells of Ireland
Winged Everlasting
Globe Amaranth
Globe Thistle
Baby’s Breath
Sensation Giants
Chinese Lantern
Green Thumb
Now is the time to think about going out to buy your seeds to get ready to plant out when the weather improves.

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