Easy Craft Ideas – Pine Cones For Christmas Decorations

If it’s natural and free than it’s a great way to decorate for Christmas or other festivities. Pine Cones can be found in a number of geographical areas and if not most crafts stores or other discount retailers sell them for a fraction of other decorations. There are many things that can be done with pine Cones that take only a few hours and can make a huge difference in how the home looks for the holiday. This is especially important if the decorator is on a budget or if they are simply looking for a way to spruce up before company arrives. Pine Cones also make a great project that is kid friendly and can get them involved in the decorating process, allowing for family time and also giving everyone something productive to do.
Now there are many ways and different projects that can be completed using pine Cones. They can be left natural and used for centerpieces, garland or other decorations. One of the favorites is to take and cover them in wax. When this project is complete they are beautifully decorated, can match any home d├ęcor and also provide a wonderful fragrance for the home in general. This is easy to do and very cheap. In order to get a waxed pine cone, the decorator must ensure that they have allowed the pine cone to dry completely before beginning the project. Using some type of heat source the chosen wax should be melted. One good way to do this is to take in all old Fry Daddy or other grease Cooker, make sure that it is cleaned thoroughly and melt the wax in it. If children are helping with this process the adult needs to ensure that they are the ones dipping the pine Cones in the wax, for safety reasons. Using some type of craft tool to pick up the pine cone once it is dipped is also a good idea to avoid burnt fingers.
Another wonderful project with pine Cones is to take and paint them with your favorite Christmas colors. Reds and greens, blues and silvers all make wonderful and festive colors for the Cones. Simply paint them and then before they dry sprinkle glitter or sugar to give them that frosted or coated look. They turn out beautiful and can make a wonderful centerpiece for any table, whether it is the coffee table or dining table. If a snow look is desired use white paint and use blue paint at the very end, for that frosty day look.

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